We are passionate about coding

We create brilliant products for people with brilliant ideas.

We work without stopping

We are a group of developers who work hand in hand on issues and projects that we are passionate about. No hierarchies, no exaggerated rules, just code.

A team who harmonises like an orchestra and jams like a rock band.
We have been around for almost 7 years.

Lead team

Milton P.

In this from the thirteen years. Computer science as a way of life.

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  • Jesús T.

    Big fan of web development. Experienced and unstoppable when coding.

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  • Isaac E.

    He developed anything.
    Responsible. Always learning something new.

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    We build software that somehow propels the products or projects of others.
    Always with an opensource approach.

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    Your products

    Products that deliver unique value propositions powered by well crafted software, well thought out UX and inspiring designs.

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    Products, and services, that are not only great, but also bond with their users, reshape usage and transform business reality.

    Product Design
    • User Experience (UX) Design
    • Iterative & Rapid Prototyping
    • Product Planning & Roadmaps
    • Product Requirements Development
    • Usability & Heuristics Improvements
    • Immersive / Experimental Innovation
    Technology & Engineering
    • Product Engineering
    • SaaS / Software Development
    • System Integrations & Web Services
    • Enterprise CMS
    • eCommerce
    • Web Security


    Innovation is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Standards, practices, uses and needs change rapidly and constantly, so we allocate much of our efforts to research and development.

    Machine learning

    We gain strong insights on the theoretical underpinnings of deep learning, with a goal of accelerating build and deploy learned systems.

    Computer security

    Developing and deploying state-of-the-art cryptography, standards, and protocols that build trust in the web applications.

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